Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Home Depot Is Kissing My Butt

I posted a critical entry about the Home depot in January.
Tinsley from the Home Depot in Atlanta contacted me shortly thereafter and we discussed the issue. I still have not heard from the local store, but I feel comfortable that Tinsley did her very best to put The Home Depot back into my good graces. I accepted a $30 gift card which they sent to smooth things over.
Yesterday we went to the HD to get the prices for lumber to build a treehouse, so I think we are back on track with the store.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ick - Tick

On Sunday my partner and I were scouting his large property in the foothills for a location to build a tree house. We were looking to find a clump of pines growing close enough to build the platform, their location a bit to the side of main traffic paths. We had to get into the brush and we found a great spot. More about that later though.
Returning to the house we checked the dogs for ticks, sprayed them to keep the ticks off.
When I got ready to shower a few hours later I noticed that a tick had landed on my chest, just inside the shirt's neckline. Ick, ick, gross. The insect was removed but left an area that was itchy and swollen. Gradually, two days later, the skin in returning to normal.
The whole idea that some creature is biting into me and eating my blood is just grossing me out. Ick to the multiple!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have several really good friends, some across the country, some close by. I also have siblings.
So, when something important happens in my life and I share it with some friends and my siblings, how come the friends come to support me and my sibling blows me off? It's really quite hurtful and very disappointing.
Therefore, I will continue to stay with my friends, some have been in my circle for close to forty years, gather new one as often as I can and enjoy my life, with siblings on the periphery only.
Clearly I must downgrade my expectations of my sister so when I get little I won't be disappointed.
Did I mention that I really like my friends?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Home Depot Sucks

I never thought I would say this, but I was almost cheated by an employee from The Home Depot.
As I'd written before, I was ready to select carpet to replace the worn one in the spare room.
I had found what I liked at The Home Depot and made arrangements for installation. I had the measurements, but no, a professional had to come from Sacramento, two days later. (Turns out my numbers were exactly the same as his, imagine!)
Another two days later I went to the store to make the purchase and was told a specific person alone sets up the installation schedule and she was not there. Over the next few days I called and left messages for her, to which she did not respond. Once a helpful person offered to pull my file and see how far this rug business had progressed and, importantly, exactly how much this would cost. I already had a close idea.
The total cost had risen by $97, about 25%! Say what? What did I buy? Carpet, padding, installation, and tack strips. Tack strips? I have tack strips, don't need tack strips. How many could I use anyhow?
And wait, who's in charge of my purse anyway? Oh, it's me!
I had the strips taken off, purchased the rug, with a three day cancellation option. Still no contact with Laura.
This whole mess was bugging me so I decided to get a refund, stopping at Carpets Galore on my way to Yuba City. I shared my story there, and my paper work. I found a rug there I liked, better quality as well. Those folks took a little more money off to make sure it would all cost less.
After leaving HD with my cash, having given the reason for canceling to the clerk, I got about a mile away when the phone rang. Of course it was Laura, the so, so, so sorry Laura. I pretty much blew her off, too little, too late.
I emailed the store management asked them to look into this and give me a call. Nope, they have not called me either.
This will cost them, as I will learn where things are across the street at Lowe's.
This morning the installer form Carpets Galore was here. The job took an hour, he used a short section of tack strip (part of the installation, no extra cost) brought his own vacuum cleaner, took the old rug and left. And he was nice to my dog! I will work with them for ever.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold and Shiver

Not many people tuck their trees in at night. I'm one of those people.
I have three citrus trees no taller than I am and I cover them up at night. I clip sheets, (that I keep for utility purposes) together and drape them over the branches before dark. The lemon tree is loaded with fruit right now and will bloom in the next few weeks.

It has not been this cold in ten years! 22' F this week, let's wish for clouds!
I can deal with replacing flowers and little bushes, but fruit trees are expensive and take years to produce so I want to protect them.
Nighty night!

Scraping, Filling, Painting

One of the bedrooms at my home is currently not in use. I took this opportunity to update the space. There was still the 70's look with the "cottage cheese" textured ceiling which I had to remove, apply a very light texture, prime and paint. The ceiling looks higher now. Walls also needed primer and paint after I'd filled in even the smallest holes and nicks. In itself it's not such a huge job, but it involved a fair amount of time consuming attention to detail. The electrician had to rewire the ceiling fan/light. I took out the extension phone wire as phone extensions now only need power to work, which gave me more holes to fill. I didn't want to overpower the air with paint fumes on any given day. All that's left to do now is to finish the trim painting around the door and the door itself. I already bought a new lock set, mind you, the old one was a bear to get off. Next month I'll decide on new floor covering.
So, that's what I've been doing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

More About B.

Although I'd planned to download some images, that was delayed for the moment.
Most every week I take Brighton to the youngster's gym hour. There are a number of kids waiting for their own class to begin or their sibling's to end. One girl especially and B have taken to each other. The girl pets and mushes B's face, ears and body and B. is loving it. On Friday they sat side by side on the bench watching the activities for a long time.
Norman Rockwell would have used this interlude for inspiration.